Automotive detailers and car dealers

There is no better way to detail a car than with Vapor steam.  Now you can clean, disinfect and deodorize cars faster and more efficiently.  There is no need to use cleaning chemicals and the drying time on upholstery is only ten (10) minutes.  Can your current cleaning process beat that time?  Purchasing a GreenSteam machine will pay for itself in no time.  And the fact that you no longer are tied to a bucket or the use of cleaning chemicals will save you money.  

With a GreenSteam cleaner:

  • Clean cars faster,
  • Less water usage
  • No chemicals use means no chemical residue or chemical fumes to contend with
  • Vapor steam won’t hurt the car’s electronic systems

Vapor steam is the ultimate green cleaner. Get a GreenSteam cleaner and detail those cars a lot faster.

Vapor Steam – for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow!